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SELC (英語研究部 )


【SELC】Play Time With English

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Hello everyone!

The school year is now definitely under way and we are all busy doing a million things. However, some SELC members took some time from their busy schedule to have some fun using English. They played Twister, a card game, and Telestrations. All the instructions were in English and the challenge for the students was to listen and follow the instructions.


While some students were playing, others were practicing their speech scripts.
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【SELC】Scavenger Hunt HS

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Hello everyone!

The high school students also participated in their own version of the junior high school's scavenger hunt. Their hunt was a lot more challenging than the junior high school's version. Nanako did an amazing job making the art for the activity.

                                         Map art by Nanako Yokota
They had to read an article in The Japan News and look through books for answers to some of the questions.

They had to memorize a tongue twister, then repeat it without looking at their paper.

"I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won't wish the wish you wish to wish."

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【SELC】Scavenger Hunt JH

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Year 1 and 2 Selc members participated in a scavenger hunt after school on Tuesday.
 They worked in pairs to read the questions designed by Ms. Mercy and then moved about the school to answer them. Some questions involved speaking to teachers in English.

It is wonderful to see the students using theirs skills outside the classroom.
We will hold a second scavenger hunt for the senior students this Thursday.
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【SELC】Happy Holidays

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We enjoyed games and a "Secret Santa" gift exchange at our final SELC meeting for 2017.
We played make the Christmas picture, musical chairs and fruit basket in English.

The most popular sentence to make everyone move was, "I am a student." 
It is wonderful to have so many members who are interested in English.
Happy Holidays!
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【SELC】Baking Cookies

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Hello everyone!

It is tradition in the US to bake cookies for Santa to eat when he visits your house. So SELC members last Friday practiced that tradition and baked chocolate chip cookies. Our cookies weren't for Santa, but rather, for our Christmas party. They had a really great time mixing and baking the cookies.

                                                         4th Years
                                                       2nd. Years
                                                          1st. Years
                                                Our finished cookies

Riko got the idea to make a birthday card for Nanako, the SELC leader, since it was her birthday that day. She got everyone to sign the card and we sang the birthday song. It was really lovely.
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