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Mercy's Corner

Mercy's ROOM

2018 International Speech Contest

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Hello everyone!

On June 5th Kalana Attanayaka Watanabe participated in the International speech contest in Utsunomiya. This year the contest has 17 contestants and Kalana was the 4th student to speak. All the students did a great job. Kalana came in first place!! He is the only boy to at the contest to win a prize. He did such a fantastic job. We are all very proud of his performance. His speech topic is "My View of Happiness". His speech is about his view of happiness and his experience in Sri Lanka. Our senior school, Sano Nihon Daigaku Senior High School, also participated in the contest. Yumeha Asahi came in second place with her essay title, "Our Small Voice, Big Differences". She talked about the "Me Too" movement and her experience with it in Japan.

                          Winner!                                  Senior and Junior High Schools
                                                      All the winners

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Malaysian Students in Our School

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Hello everyone!

Last week we our school welcomed our sister school was from Malaysia, UCSI. We had a school assembly to welcome them.

In Class...
I let some of the students in my class introduce themselves. The other students got the chance to ask their new classmates some questions about themselves.
Group work - Story creation

Farewell Party...

The final farewell...
          Thank you for coming to our school. We hope to see you all again soon.
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Halloween Party!

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On Monday we had an annual Halloween party. It was hosted by SELC members, specifically the 4th years. The students trick-or-treated by answering a few questions in English to get candy. We also had some activities with the reward by candy of course. The students also voted for the best Halloween costume pair. It was a very fun event.

Boo, Minion, and Halloween Girl                                    Three Witches
 Nichidai Students and The Evil Queen
            Belle and Waldo                                              Two Waldos
                Three Prisoners                          The Queen of Hearts, Waldo, and Alice

                              Death        and          Satan
                                           The Best Halloween Costumes
                        Some teachers participated in the Halloween event.
                                         Can you spot Ms. Callie?

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【5年生】Nichidai English Speech Contest

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Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago Mai Akutsu went to the Nichidai English speech contest in Tokyo. They had about 25 participants and the competition was fierce. Although Mai didn't win anything, she did an amazing job performing her speech. Mr. Imaizumi and I went with her for some moral support.

                         Mai, we are very proud of you. You did FANTASTIC!
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【6年生】Story Time

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Hello everyone!

Today 6-2 students worked in pairs to use their imagination to create a character. They will eventually write a story in English about their character(s). They brainstormed and wrote down the outline of their story. They will then present their story to the whole class.


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Goodbye St. Stephen's Catholic College

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Hey everyone!

Yesterday the International department threw a goodbye party for the St. Stephen:s Catholic College students. It was really lovely because all the home-stay families were able to attend. We had lots of food for everyone. I took a lot of pictures of the students having a great time.
                                               The two musketeers
     It was their birthday yesterday so we all sang the Happy Birthday song for them.
    A get to know you better segment               We sang our school song for them
                     Some of the students cried when it was time to say goodbye

All the students and teachers has a great time. St. Stephen's Catholic College students, please come back again.
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Australian Students at Our School

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Hello everyone!

Today we had 16 students from Australia come to our school. They will be staying with some of our students for a week. All the students had the opportunity today to welcome them all to our school. The Wadaiko club had a little performance for them.


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Eiken and Speech Practice

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Hi everyone!

On Wednesday we had some students come to the English room. I have two students practicing for Eiken level pre 1. They've been studying all month long for the Eiken test next month. The dictionary is their best friend nowadays.


At the same time we have students coming in to practice their speech for the speech contest. Next month we have all our speech contests so the students are doing their best trying to remember the material. Ms. Callie is helping a student with her speech.

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The 37th International High School English Speech Contest

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Hello everyone!

Yesterday Nanako Yokota represented our class on Japan's national English speech contest, the 37th International High School English Contest. The contest was held in Iwate. It was Nanako's first time on the Shinkansen so she was very excited about it. Her whole family went with her. They are very proud of her.

                            The hotel has very beautiful surroundings.

                                                     afternoon rehearsal

The next day...

                           The title of her speech was "The Power of a 100 yen".
                           Her speech was 4:50 and she performed beautifully.
                           70% was for the content
                           15% was for performance
                           15% was for her speech and attitude

After the speech contest we has lunch and a mini UN activity. We represented India.  

The award ceremony, and Nanako won second place!

                                          The other winners and judges.

                               Mr. Ogura was there to watch and congratulate her.

                                          CONGRATULATIONS NANAKO!!!!
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Getting Ready for the School Festival

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Hello everyone!

The school festival is right around the corner. As a matter of fact, it is next week, June 24th-25th. Today the whole student body got together in their team colors to practice their cheer for the sports festival. It was really exciting for the students to lead this practice.
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