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Five students traveled to Oyama to attend the southern Tochigi area speech contest on Friday. They have been working on their speeches for the last few months. The students spoke about automatic driving cars, discrimination, dreams for the future and society.  They wrote their speeches with help from teachers and practiced hard to remember them. It was a pleasure to see them do their best at the contest.

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【1年生】LL 3 Hint Quiz

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We ended the first semester with a 3 hint quiz contest. The students used many of the words they learned this semester to describe the person and what they are doing. The students said their hints smoothly and most were able to understand the information and guess the person in the picture correctly. They are becoming faster to make sentences and understand in English. 

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【1年生】LL Presentations

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We finished our short presentations in LL today. The students worked in pairs to make a question and interviewed their classmates.  Some questions included, What color do you like? and What subject do you like? The pairs then made sentences about the data they had collected and presented their question and the top 3 findings to the class. The students were able to use the words and sentences we have been learning in their presentations and did a wonderful job.

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【1年生】LL Letters to words challenge

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The Year 1 students already know how to say many words in English.  During LL today, they helped each other to rearrange the letters to make words from the textbook.  The words today were feelings often used with "How are you?".  The next challenge is to remember how to spell them!

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【Year 1 LL】

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Our Year 1 students enjoyed their final LL activity this week. They played a review board game that included many of the phrases and English questions we studied this year. I hope they will have many more chances to use their English skills in the future.

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【Seasonal Event】Christmas Party

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We held our annual seasonal event on Monday afternoon.
The Christmas party was open to all students and SELC members
served hot chocolate and the cookies they made last Friday.

We also enjoyed a visit from Santa.
He heard each student's wish for Christmas in English.  
It was wonderful to see the students having fun, working together
and enjoying Christmas.

Happy Holidays!
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【3年生】Lunch - UCSI students & host buddies

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UCSI students and their host buddies enjoyed lunch together today. It is wonderful to see the students smiling and interacting with each other. 

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【SELC】Seasonal Event

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Happy Halloween!

Students and teachers enjoyed Halloween in the English Room on Monday afternoon. 

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【英語科】Sano City English Speech Contest

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On Friday, I had the pleasure of attending the Sano City English Speech Contest with our students. They all did their best and I was very proud of them. Their speeches were about learning English, using smartphones, thinking of others, video games, books, being prepared and water. Great job everyone!

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【3年生】LL with St Stephen's Students

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We enjoyed a last activity together in LL on Tuesday morning with our friends from St Stephen's Catholic College. 
The students remembered and retold part of text in groups. It was wonderful to see the them working together and helping each other.  

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